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From director Brock Harris

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Clay Wilson is your modern day Wyoming cowboy. A rancher and hunting guide, he’s an honest man of principle with his beautiful wife, Annie, who both live by a code passed down from his grandfather. His grandfather’s code, the cowboy code, is what makes Clay the noble cowboy he is despite the hard times which have fallen over the ranch.

When his wife announces she’s pregnant, Clay knows he has to do whatever it takes to keep the ranch and his livelihood.. In comes Clay’s best friend, Banjo: steady, reliable and always there for Clay. Banjo has a lead on a good financial opportunity - a big movie star is in town to portray a legendary hunter in a film, and looking to pay big bucks for someone to take him on an elk hunt. The only catch is that it’s not hunting season, which is not only against the law, but against the cowboy code.


Convinced by Banjo to take the risk, the motley crew of Clay, Banjo and the movie star, Donnie head out on the trail to get themselves an elk. And as if breaking the cowboy code for a Hollywood star wasn’t enough of a risk, an excitable forest cop and his brother with a violent history are on their tails. What could go wrong?


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